TYPE O NEGATIVE Keyboardist Says He Is ‘Sick’ Of Playing Band’s Biggest Hit ‘Black No. 1′

DreadCentral.com, one of the nation’s premier horror web sites, recently conducted an interview with TYPE O NEGATIVE keyboardist and album producer Josh Silver. A couple of excerpts follow:

On TYPE O frontman Peter Steele’s surprising conversion to Catholicism (he was formerly an atheist) and what effect it had on their new CD, “Dead Again”:

“I’m not going to tell you that I agree with all of the lyrics; I like a lot of the lyrics, though I couldn’t quite possibly ever agree with the moral message. My concern is not necessarily with the views expressed in the lyrics, but with the quality and professional level of the lyrics. The lyrics for ‘Profits of Doom’ [which deals with the Old Testament’s Book of Revelation and a coming apocalypse via the asteroid Apophis, which reportedly has a 1 in 45,000 chance of hitting the Earth in 2036]. I don’t agree with them; but metaphorically, through the use of language, they’re very clever. Honestly, I’d rather deal with a guy whose views I don’t agree with than a guy who has no views. Probably 90 percent of music today is mediocre, view-less shit.”

Silver also talks about their current headlining tour, and vents about the one song that he wishes they’d never have to perform live again.

“Can we play a TYPE O show and not play ‘Black No. 1′ [the band’s biggest single]? To be honest, I’d like to. I’m fucking sick to shit of that song. Do fans expect it? The rest of the band seems to think so. Me, I would love to leave it out. I would be delighted if I didn’t have to play ‘Black No. 1′ for the rest of my life.”

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